Online classes

Online classes for individuals and groups.

How many times have you told to yourself: “I should definitely improve my Italian“?

And how many times, for want of time, will, money, organization, you haven’t done it?

This because DIY not always works. Sure, a self-help course bought at your newsagent’s, or a free online one can save you a lot of money compared to a course with a real teacher, and maybe at the next conference you will manage to be a little bit more brilliant at the welcome buffet table.

But you can save only if you are disposed to do it yourself, not only the student’s work but also the teacher’s. And this may sometimes mean to waste an awful lot of additional time and energy. Are you sure the results are worth your effort?

Being followed individually by an expert and qualified teacher, who can help you choose targets tailored on you and not standardised, who listens to you and motivates you to go on, actually lets you save time and helps you concentrate on the targets that are important for you, maximising your study hours without stealing precious time to your family and interests.


Here is where I come into play.

And this is the aim of my educational proposal: not ready-made courses, but packages of hours of lessons, conversation and exercise via the internet using the client you prefer: Skype/Teams, Messenger, GoToMeeting or whichever you prefer.

Your starting level is not important. Professional needing a targeted update o absolute beginner, with me you can agree your goals, be they little or big, and the hours, frequency and level of commitment of your path.

The purchased hours do not expire. If for any reason you want or must suspend them, you can resume them at any time in the future.

Sounds interesting? Take a look at my products page for more details. If you wish to try the service without commitment, take the first lesson for free.


Are you a company or a group with special needs? Book online a free info call for the day and time you want, and tell me what you need.

You can also leave me a message on Skype, or a voicemail if you wish.

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