Academic year 2020-2021

English language for DAMS (BA in Cinema and media studies), University of Udine.

English language for Architecture (MA), University of Trieste.

This year I also teach at a vocational school in Gorizia as a full-year supply teacher in English.

Previous years

I’ve been teaching university courses of English language as an andjunct professor since the academic year 2008-09.

I’ve taught at the universities of Udine. Trieste, Florence and Pisa, for BA and MA courses such as:

DAMS (BA in Cinema and media studies, University of Udine) – continually since 2014-15;

Architecture (MA, University of Trieste) – continually since 2015-16;

Theory and practice of translation (MA, University of Florence);

Applied interlinguistic communication (BA, University of Trieste, School for interpreters and translators);

Translation (BA, University of Pisa);

Foreign languages and literatures (BA and MA, University of Trieste);

Euroculture (European MA, University of Udine).