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Rates and Quotes


Quotes for lessons.

My online classes are all customized and live, they are not recorded.

So, to make an accurate quote I need to know your language level, the target of the lessons/conversations, and your preferred time slot.

If you wish to tell me what you need, book online a free info call for the day and time you want. Or, you con text me on Skype.

If you have already had a look at my products page, you might wish to book your free first lesson to try the service.

Quotes for texts.

A text can have many shapes, and as any freelance artisan knows it is difficult to establish precisely and in advance how much a bespoke job can cost.

I usually ask my clients to send me a list of features of the text that I am to work on.

Tell me what type of text it is, for example: product sheet, 20-page brochure, handbook, etc. Then, you should tell me how many strokes it is long (spaces included), the source and target languages and the deadline you need. With these data I can quickly deliver you a broad quote of the costs.

What texts?

The texts I usually deal with are literary, or essays, cinema, theatre, economics, politics, sociology and philosophy. But I have also translated, reviewed and created many other things. If you wish, you can have a look at my publications or my presentation page.

If you need a proper, detailed Curriculum Vitae authorizing data treatment according to Italian and EU law (including GDPR) and including all my contact info, drop me a line using the red tab Contattami! here on the right and I will send you one.

I have a vast experience as a lecturer, teacher and educator. Here you can find the courses I have held in recent years and find out if I can be your man.

Copywriting, transcreation…what else?

There is no such thing as a reference rate card for freelance copywriters, so my recommendation is to email me and tell me about your need in detail.

For editing (and copy editing) of any kind my minimum rate is €30 per hour for a standard difficulty text, not requiring heavy intervention on grammar, syntax or register.

Extras are applied if translations are urgent (less than 3 working days), particularly complex and specialized or entailing extraordinary or holiday work.


To get an idea, you can take a look at www.tariffometro.it, where you can find some examples of rates recommended to translators (and then to clients). The reported rates are not necessarily corresponding to mine, this site is only to get info if you have never commissioned translation or copywriting jobs, or if your text is non-standard.